Thanks for visiting Earthly Extracts. My name is Matt and I’m the owner of Earthly Extracts.

It all started in 2018 when the FARM bill made buying and selling of Hemp federally legal in all 50 states. This bill was a huge deal for many people.

When I was young, I always somehow broke my bones. From falling off skateboards and bikes to falling out of trees, it was never ending! I have obviously recovered, but I still suffer the pain in my bones especially during climate change. I tried CBD for the first time and noticed that my bones didn’t ache as much. I decided to keep using it and the pain eventually disappeared completely! I thought this was incredible. I also never really had bad anxiety, but ever since using CBD I also noticed that I wouldn’t stress as much and I was more calm in general!

I tried a lot of different brands of CBD, some were way better than others. I eventually found one brand that really stood out completely. Their products were so much better than any brand I’ve ever tried. I ended up buying a few of their products and tried them out while giving samples to family and friends. They all loved it! While talking more with the company, I was able to buy more of their products in bulk and began selling to people I know. The people I sold to absolutely loved the products and they kept coming back for more. I remember speaking to somebody I used to work with, Q. He told me that I should try renting a stand at the mall to educate people about CBD. This is how Earthly Extracts was born.

Selling the products in the mall become super popular among locals and the people would always come back whenever they needed CBD. Everything was working out well so I wanted to start selling online to people all over the country!

I ended up partnering with that CBD company I mentioned, US Hemp Wholesale, and continued getting the products from them. All of their products are made in Michigan, and to this day I think their products are the best around. I trusted this company since day one, because of the amazing reviews they get, the great support team they have, and the fact that all their products have lab certificates and test results. On top of that, they’re USA based!

For the past year Earthly Extracts has been online only, with a bunch of our original customers still buying from us. Earthly Extracts as an online store is still relatively new, so please support us as we grow and I hope you love every product as much as I do!