Probably over a year I remember seeing Earthly Extracts in my local mall. I spoke to Matt who introduced me to CBD and even had samples of the products. They seemed very legitimate. I tried a CBD shot and I right away felt something good. From that point on, I bought from Matt here and there. It's crazy how this started from a stand in the mall. Website looks great by the way! Hopefully this will turn into a huge business! Best of luck!

Rich L

I must say I was WRONG about CBD. Whenever I thought of CBD I'd think of a CBD joint or something like that. I also never really understood it.. Recently, I've been seeing a lot of CBD in stores and one of my friends told me about this website. I'm not a big fan of ingesting any CBD or smoking it so I tried the lotion. CBD LOTION!! It's been treating me GREAT. My skin feels so smooth, literally like BABY skin! Very happy with my purchase!

Angelique N

i've been using the earthly extracts vape cartridges for three or four months now. about two years ago, i would always smoke marijuana. marijuana always helped me deal with stress and help me relax more. i enjoyed those benefits but i soon realized that i was super unproductive and lazy from the weed. i'm glad i've been using cbd as it's a great alternative.

Olivia M

TBH, I was skeptical about trying CBD. I feel like there's so many fake products out there and only God knows what chemicals are in it. I ended up trying CBD for anxiety. I tried the CBD patches because I wasn't comfortable vaping or eating anything. WOW! That stuff is strong... Within an hour I was already feeling the effects. It was incredible!!

Brittany S

I have bad eczema. Whenever I go in the sun, my eczema is triggered and I break out in rashes. CBD lotion really helps my skin out big time.

Nancy D

I can get mad really easily. My friend kept trying to get me to try CBD products, and then I finally decided to give it a try. I'm in love with the gummy bears and the CBD lemonade shot. It really helps me relax and not stress as much!

Chris H

I use the Cooling Muscle Rub Made by Hemp whenever I workout. It helps my muscles recover.

Antwuan B